Pre-training 3 months to Bikini

Train with me to celebrate life! | taught by Amanda Gail

Course description

This program is put together for those who want to get started but don't know where or how to start. You do not have to get on stage to follow this program, BUT I suggest that you schedule something like a photo shoot or an event that will give you accountability to stay on track. I have competed and struggled with obsessing with what I was eating and my workouts in the past, Now I want to show other women that we can enjoy our bikini journey. If you are wanting to get on stage with me in 2018, I want you to know that we will not be getting on stage to win a trophy or to beat the other girls on stage....this is a celebration for ourselves and for our accomplishments! We can do this together and we can celebrate and lift each other up along the way. I know this is completely different than any other way most competitors train for shows, but I have done it the other way, and it broke me and several competitors I know in the past. This is a new era of fitness and a new way we can enjoy our lives. I'm so excited to get started with you! 

Amanda Gail
Amanda Gail
Health and Wealth Coach

Business owner and trainer for over 11 years. Mom of 4. Despite adversity of losing everything and battling eating disorders, Amanda is committed to supporting others in reaching their goals and changing their future by giving you the tools you need to have the best life you have ever dreamed of. Amanda has competed in over 50 bikini competition shows, and traveled the world as a professional fitness model. Now Amanda is training bikini champions and empowering others to find self-love and self-worth through in depth training techniques for long lasting results.